Safety Statement

At Tús Nua, our primary focus is on creating a safe and welcoming space for individuals on their journey to recovery. We recognize and respect the diverse beliefs, values, and experiences that each member brings to the group. Our commitment to safety and inclusivity is reflected in the following principles:

1. Diverse Perspectives:
Tús Nua embraces and celebrates the diverse array of beliefs and worldviews held by our community members. Whether you identify as a freethinker, atheist, agnostic, or bring unique spiritual and philosophical perspectives, you are not just welcome, but integral to the richness of our community. Our aim is to create an inclusive environment that respects and appreciates the unique journey each member brings to the group.

2. Non-Judgmental Atmosphere:
Within our community, we cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance where individuals can freely share their thoughts and experiences without fear of judgment. We recognize the inherent value of differing opinions and beliefs, considering them as vital contributions to the collective wisdom of our group. Our objective is to nurture a supportive environment where individuals feel heard and respected, fostering a culture of open-mindedness.

3. Respect for Autonomy:
At Tús Nua, we deeply respect the autonomy of each member in defining their own path to recovery. Whether your journey is guided by personal beliefs, scientific principles, or a combination of both, we affirm your right to make choices that align with your values. Our commitment is to honor and support individual autonomy, recognizing that recovery is a deeply personal and diverse journey.

4. Confidentiality:
Central to our community is the principle that what is shared within the group remains confidential. We prioritize the confidentiality of members’ experiences to build trust and create a safe space for open and honest communication. Upholding this commitment allows members to share their stories without hesitation, knowing their privacy is respected and safeguarded.

5. Empowerment:
Tús Nua encourages a sense of personal empowerment where members take responsibility for their recovery journey. Individuals are empowered to make decisions that resonate with their values, fostering a proactive and self-directed approach to healing. Our aim is to promote an environment where every member feels capable of driving positive change in their lives.

6. Open-Minded Dialogue:Open-mindedness is at the heart of our community. We actively foster constructive and open dialogue where members express their thoughts and experiences openly. This dialogue is not only encouraged but is also enriched by a genuine receptivity to the diverse beliefs and perspectives present in the group. The result is an environment where shared understanding and collective wisdom flourish.

7. Anonymity:
Recognizing the sensitivity of personal information, members at Tús Nua have the freedom to share as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Anonymity is held as a fundamental aspect of our community, allowing individuals to disclose personal information on their terms. This commitment ensures that everyone feels secure in their journey toward recovery.

8. Safety from Proselytizing:
Tús Nua maintains a strong focus on shared recovery experiences, free from the promotion of specific beliefs or attempts to convert others. Our community is intentionally designed as a space for mutual support, where the emphasis is on understanding and assisting each other’s recovery journeys rather than advocating particular worldviews. This commitment contributes to a welcoming environment where the primary focus is on recovery support.

By adhering to these principles, we aim to create a supportive, respectful, and safe environment for everyone in Tús Nua. Together, we work towards our common goal of recovery, acknowledging and celebrating the diversity that strengthens our community.

Tús Nua Safety Team